Teaching Strategies for Home Tuition

Home tuition is the fastest-growing educational industry in the world, There are 5000 thousand private schools in Karachi and Approx 3000 schools run by the government, but our education system does not compete with the rest of the world. Mostly, parents in Karachi preferred to teach their children at home tuition with expert private and trained tutors. HEX tutors work very hard to provide quality education in private home tuition.

Many parents and tutors always asked about, how to make our teaching effective so that a student get success in their careers. Many times a tutor teaches a child, but after some time parents complain about the tutor’s punctuality. To create such an environment that makes your teaching smarter and more productive, many qualities are involved. In this blog, we will highlight some most important tutoring strategies. By working in these areas, a tutor can make their tuition meaningful, long-lasting, and recurring.

1. Always be on time for Home tuition:

One of the major concerns of parents for home or online tuition is the punctuality of the Tutor. Many students and parents report that their tuition teacher is not punctual. As home tuition is a non-formal way of teaching so a tutor has more liberty on schedule. Mostly, during the start of the day tutor follows a fixed schedule, but after some days the tutor loses their punctuality. Initially, a student compromise, which eventually convert to a complaint which of course a negative point for tutors.

How to overcome: Consider your home or online tuition teaching as a formal way of teaching. Always reach the place before the start of class. Write your verbal schedule on paper to confirm student and parents

2. Follow a fixed schedule:

The second most frequent report by parents is about fixed schedules. Many parents complain the tutor does not follow a fixed day’s schedule. Also, the parents said that her tuitions teacher manipulates the schedule, which results in disturbing other activities of the student.

How to Overcome: Make a schedule diary and write all weekly and monthly schedules with the teacher Sign If need for any amendment on the schedule, first concern with parents about student feasibility and availability.

3. Absent Compensate:

As we know in-home or online tuition, students who spent extra hours for better results also pay a good amount to private tutors. For tutors, it’s good to be flexible in terms of leaves and absents. There should always be an alternative plan for any absence. Also it is better to compensate for any absence, whether it was from the student’s or tutor’s side. Be open to compensating for absent with extra hours or another class.

4. Pleasant, Simple & Professional Attires:

A student mirrors the actions of their teacher. A tutor’s presentation kept simple yet pleasant attire, is another way to make an impression on their students. When a tutor teaches a student, it always works, to stay professional because parents or other people could notice a tutor. A Tutor’s professional attire encourages and helps a student to be confident in their tutor and follows the teacher’s instructions.

Pleasent and simple Atire of teachers

5. Prepare yourself before Home tuition Class:

A teacher/tutor should always be well-prepared before the class. A teacher should always have a plan for what to teach, and how to motivate a student to learn. A very common practice by some excellent teachers revised the topic before class. Getting prepared before the session makes a teacher more confident. A daily habit of revising and researching can make your classroom productive and comfortable for students.

6. Talk Politely & Respectfully:

Whenever it comes to teaching a student a child, a tutor should give respect to every student. Every student is not the same, but pleasant and respectful behavior always works with the student. According to research, they show that a student will be more respectful if a teacher talks politely with the student. The polite tone of tutors make a positive mindset of students toward their tutor and you can interestingly teach a complex topic.

7. Plan the Overall time in Home Tuitions:

Home tutoring is not just based on that how much knowledge a tutor has. To make everyday sessions productive, a tuition teacher should distribute the overall time into three main parts.

  • For the first 30% of class time tutor should motivate students to learn,
  • for the next 50% time of the session, the tutor should teach academic subjects to cover the topic, and clear doubts, and difficulties.
  • And for the last 20% duration of the session, a tutor should plan homework and daily tasks and discuss learning strategies with students.

Planning and distribution of class time help a teacher to adhere to major topics and shut off irrelevant talks.

Pie Chart teaching strategies

8. Always listen to Student Queries

Out of many, one of the best strategies for tutoring a child is to listen to the student’s queries carefully. In Pakistan, teachers are not active listeners as a results student can’t deliver the main issues that he is facing in their understanding and learning.

Once a teacher has a habit of listening to the student, in return a student will also listen to the teacher carefully, thus better communication shall form between the student and tutor. Overall, a student fell more comfortable if there will be healthy discussion environment and the student can understand more

9. Give Hope & Motivation

The motivating mindset strategy helps your student to put their effort into learning concepts and trying new things. Students can think outside of the box or embrace different perspectives if he or she has the motivation and hope for success.  

Extracurricular activities also provide valuable motivation for the students, including trips, games, competitions, and debates.

10. Integrating Home Tuition with modern technology:

Classrooms with the latest technologies are the most powerful strategy in teaching in recent days. Modern technology like a smartphone, Computer, laptops, and other technologies increases understanding more efficiently. A teacher has more options for elaboration on the topic with a simple Google search. Tutoring can be more engaging with the help of YouTube, online videos, Zoom meetings, calculators, and games. In 2023 the use of AI technology is also very trending and the fastest way to understand any topic. The use of “Chat GPT” or “Google Bart” makes it easier to learn the topic from different perspectives.


Overall in Conclusion teaching could be more productive when a tutor applies modern teaching strategies in their teaching. Now a day’s toddler knows about smartphone and the use of the latest technologies therefore a tutor should be well aware of the latest and modern technologies. The use of Chat GPT and YouTube helps a teacher to understand any topic very effectively.

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